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Terms and Conditions

The subsequent terms and conditions apply to all website development or design services provided by Business Pro Creative to the Client.


Any client, when places and order for any service related to the website development, designing and updates of the websites to the Developer, then the order symbolize a tender to the developer. Unless the developer sends any invoice to the Client, there is no contract for the service exists between the Client and the Developer. Any other services, if not included in the invoice, but are on the order will not form part of the contract. Other additional works, which are requested by the Client, but are not included in the order, will require an additional quotation. In other cases, where the additional work is required as a part of the existing project, the delivery time of the project may be affected. Also, any requests related to the software or the hardware other than the standard development platform will be treated as additional work.


According to the agreement, the Client agrees that the HTML page built from a graphic design may vary the original design of the site. The Developer tries to match the design as closely as is possible while building the code. It is very important that the Client communicates the Developer with the information for achieving the required result. The alterations or the changes must reach the Developer either by email or postal mail from the Client. The Developer can demand a separate quote for the alterations that are requested by the Client for any page, already have been completed. One thing might be noted that the Developer cannot guarantee about the site that it will be listed with the search engines. The Developer can keep a copy of the site as well as the design source files after the project work is completed and will upload the website to the live web address of the Client.

Approval of Work

After the completion of the different milsestones, the Client will be notified and he or she will have the opportunity for reviewing it. Any of the unsatisfactory points can be notified by the Client within 7 days of the work completion notification, otherwise the work will be deemed to be approved. After the approval or the deemed approval, the work cannot be rejected and the project will be believed to have been completed. As such 50% of the project cost will become due.

Charges and payment

The charges for the project can be seen in the project quotation, which the Client receives via email. Each quotation is valid for only 15 days and BPC. Reserves the right to change or decline for providing after 15 days. Unless there is any written agreement with the Client, all the website design services need an advanced payment of about 30 percent of the project quotation before the supply of the work for the review. The remaining milestone amount must be paid upon completion of the work before uploading to the server. The payment can be via PayPal.


The copyright to the data, files and the graphic logos are retained by the Client and are granted the rights to Business Pro Creative for publishing and using such material. The Client must get the permission and the right for using any information, which is copyrighted by a third party. Either removing or altering any of the copyright notice on any material or service is prohibited. Any form of commercial use of the content is strictly prohibited without any written consent of Business Pro Creative.


The Business Pro Creative services can be used for harmless and lawful purposes only. You agree to indemnify and defend all of the Business Pro Creative services from any of the claims, which results from the use of our service and damages any party or you.


The services used are entirely at your own risk. Neither BPC nor any affiliates are responsible for the consequences of dependence contained in or may be submitted to the service. BPC will not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential or penalizing damages that may result from the use, access or inability for using the materials. Under any circumstances, the total liabilities of BPC will exceed the price of the service paid. The company will not be liable to pay any loss or damage due to omission, inaccuracy, delay or error or other causes resulting in the negligence of the production of the website.

Requirements of access

After testing the sites and the templates for ensuring that the Developer complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative or WAI to level A conformance during the time of sale. The Developer shall make every effort for ensuring the sites to be designed in such a manner that can be viewed by every visitor. If, the website of the Client is to be installed on a third – party server, BPC must be granted with the temporary read/ write access to the storage directories of the Client. Other resources might need to be configured on the server depending on the project need.


The terms and Conditions replace all the previous understandings, representations or agreements. The signature of the Client and the below the Terms and Conditions or may be the advanced fee or the online payment that constitutes the agreement and the acceptance of the above points.


When the Client wants to terminate the service, he/she should provide a written notice. The termination will be affective only after the receipt of such written notice from the Clients. The telephonic request will not be entertained. The entire liability of the BPC to the Client shall be limited to the charges paid for the services in this agreement in respect of which the break has arisen.

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