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Developing Minds and CH's Service Provider are both operated by Corey L Harris Sr. Developing Minds is a mentoring program that was started in 2011-2022 Erie PA

Developing Minds and CH's Service provider are both operated by Corey Harris. Developing Minds is a mentoring program that was started and currently operates behind prison walls and the hope is eventually Developing Minds will be found in all neighborhoods in North America. Developing Minds aims to give advice on proper decision making, whether it's answering questions about gangs, drugs, alcohol, abuse, crime and the penalties and also peer pressure. Developing Minds is a non profit service provider with a goal of improving quality of life in Northwest PA.

Developing Minds also can provide transportation services to and from work to whomever is in need. Another service from Developing Minds is the paralegal compliance we provide.

CH's service provider further assist those who may need


  • Inventions & Idea's and Product Design
  • Prison Developing Minds Work Shop PA
  • Transportation Service Provider 24/7
  • energy brokers
  • paralegal services
Be sure you do your change of mailing address so you can get your checks! Distribution and tracking system is being set up so the checks can go out to citizens each allotment would be tracked our currency units. Please notify the US Postal Service of your change of address and forwarding address A text will be mailed out to assign qualified applicants based on address and location the geographic area. New Market Currency Idea CH'S Crypto CH'S Crypto Exchange CH'S SERVICE PROVIDER Bitcoin paper Bills New Market currency will be gifting out to families In geographical areas in Areas of the United States and across the world! CH'S SERVICE PROVIDER BITCOIN cryptocurrencies Is herein, hereby based on geographical family size guidelines are being implemented and set up so the families can be distribute and gifted cryptocurrency to move them out of poverty! So stay tuned for more updates. founder and inventor Corey L Harris Sr Cryptocurrency allotment coming soon🤑 CEO Podcast CH'S New football league FOUNDER/INVENTOR. Corey L Harris Sr President Email:

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