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Create your Offshore Branch and Spread your Company Worldwide with 100% Guaranteed Set up

We are a name you can trust to be your financial guide and business partner. Send your requisition to us now for business bank account creation. We have authorization from the Association of Company Registration Agents. Thus, you can rest assured that our company has all the documentation and the service you will get is of the highest quality. Besides, we are always on our toes when it comes to legislation and recent regulations. Our aim is to offer streamlined services.

Destinations: The UK, British Virgin Islands, USA, Hong Kong SAR, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, Mauritius, Cyprus, Switzerland, Cook Island, Puerto Rico

Services: Setting up your company offshore, Opening offshore bank accounts, Creation of Merchant Accounts

Private Limited Company

Shareholders are the key to how the majority of the newly registered companies in the UK run. This is the standard structure every company follows. And, this business structure has been the choice of those who intend to make enough profit.

The way of operating a company with shareholders is exceptionally popular because it comes with certain benefits. And, one of those is the shareholders can earn their part of the profit without any financial restrictions or liabilities. To put it simply, the shareholders must do their bit when it comes to the company’s debts. And, this depends on what percentage of share they hold. However, their personal assets will stay safe even if the company encounters any financial difficulties.

We offer different packages for the formation of a company. Our packages are designed to make the procedure of opening branches of a Private Limited company as simple and straightforward as possible. You can go for the basic digital package that takes into consideration the primary legal requirements that one needs for registering a company. Then there is an All-Inclusive package that includes many useful extra services like an office that is registered, services for forwarding mail, VAT, PAYE, and filing Annual Return or company’s confirmation statement.

We further provide a Non-Residents Package for those who need a UK address service for the purpose of international mail forwarding. Thus, making operating a company from outside the company easier.

Corporate Guarantee Company

A Guarantee Company is a common business structure that most non-profit organizations of the UK and USA use. This protects business owners’ own finances somewhat similarly to shareholders. Now, in this case, instead of shareholders, there are guarantors. And, the guarantors’ financial liability is also restricted to the money a person puts as a guarantee when the company is formed.

Now, in this case, the company owners don’t share profits. Rather they pay back the company whatever the profit they generate to help achieve the business goals. Sometimes owners do take a share of the profit for relinquishing the company’s right to apply for charitable status.

We have an exceptionally designed Guarantee Company Formation Package that will help you set up a company for non-profit purposes. The pricing details of the packages are on our website.

Limited Liability Partnership

The LLP is a business structure that is often used to form a company that conventionally operates in partnerships. Law or accountancy firms are examples of that. Setting ups an LLP instead of a traditional partnership ensures the protection of the company’s partners. This means the personal finances remain unharmed when the company faces financial difficulties.

For the partners, the LLP benefits them by letting them separate themselves to a certain extent. In detail, the partners pay their individual income tax through Self-Assessment instead of holding the business responsible for corporation tax payment.

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