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Our clients have access to our cutting-edge Machine Learning services

Predictive Analysis

Our team of engineers is well-versed in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, enabling them to identify and analyze the current and past trends in your industry. To ensure that you stay ahead of the game, we utilize ML algorithms to create explainers that predict the future of your sector and the requirements of your customers. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your business will remain competitive in today's ever-changing landscape.

Data Engineering

At Business Pro Digital, we recognize the importance of data and our software development team is well-versed in using ML models to make sense of large amounts of data. Our expertise in shipping data projects makes us the perfect choice for any project that requires sorting and segmenting of data, no matter how complex or vast. With us, you can rest assured that your data is in the best hands.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Utilize our top-notch NLP abilities and take advantage of the blend of AI, linguistics, and sentiment evaluation to obtain dependable outcomes. We can assist you in creating NLP robots or AI assistants that comprehend human language and commands, whether conversational or informal. Our expertise will guarantee that you are provided with the best possible solutions.

Computer Vision (CV)

Our team of experienced Machine Learning experts has the expertise to develop custom computer vision applications that are capable of recognizing hand gestures, facial expressions, and more. Our developers are up-to-date with the latest programming and signal-processing solutions, which they use to create sophisticated apps that are tailored to your specific needs. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced engineers, you can be sure that your app will stand out from the competition.

Data Science

If you are searching for a top-notch data science team, we guarantee we can provide you with the best professionals. Our extensive understanding of data structures & algorithms makes us the ideal choice for a partner. With us, you will be able to uncover the full potential of your data and gain insights that weren't available before. Our expertise in data science is second to none.

Deep Learning

Feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of unstructured datasets? Our team of ML engineers can help you make sense of them through deep learning solutions. With their knowledge and expertise, they can construct networks from randomly-wired data to help you comprehend and draw conclusions. Let us use our deep learning tools to bring structure to your datasets, no matter if they are texts, images, videos, etc.

Recommender Systems

Our team of certified developers can help you create sophisticated product recommendation systems for your customers. Our algorithms use past buying history to suggest similar items that could be of interest, leading to increased sales. This advanced technology allows us to analyze data and present relevant products in a way that is tailored to each customer. With our assistance, you can ensure your customers are presented with the best products for them.

Image Analytics

We specialize in developing advanced solutions to detect facial features, eye gazes, smiles, handwriting and more from images. Our team of ML engineers leverages the power of deep learning and AI to create accurate, reliable solutions, no matter the quality of the image or video. Our methods are designed to recognize human features, even in poor lighting or when the person is wearing glasses. When you need help with detecting these features, you can count on us.

Video Analytics

Our machine-learning capabilities can allow you to draw insights from real-time videos, even with ultra-high frame rates. Our video analysis solutions are well-crafted to meet your most critical needs, such as tracking quickly moving objects, recognizing body movements, detecting subtitles, and more. With our assistance, you will be able to identify people and objects with greater accuracy.


With us, you'll experience an effortless work process. Our MLOps culture is rooted deep and brings together the ML engineers and operations team for swift and smooth deliveries. The ML lifecycle is designed to have minimal iterations and variations. We understand the importance of efficient, streamlined operations and are committed to making this possible.

Model Deployment & Performance Testing

At our company, quality assurance always comes first. We strive to create a production-like atmosphere in which we deploy and test ML models with every build, ensuring that the code functions properly. In addition, we occasionally carry out A/B tests to guarantee the model is performing optimally in different scenarios. This rigorous process allows us to guarantee superior quality in our products.

Model Re-Engineering

We have immense experience in remodeling software products. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the nuances of core system revitalization. If you feel your ML application needs an overhaul, reach out to us. We can develop new business logic and algorithms to take your ML model and architecture to the next level. With us, you can keep your technology up to date and ensure your business remains competitive.


Work Process


Problem Analysis

We start by zeroing in on what your product needs to succeed and identifying the areas that need improvement.


Data Analysis

Having thoroughly evaluated your existing data sets, we can now identify anomalies, patterns, missing values and dependencies.


Data Preparation

Let us take the hassle out of data handling and transform your datasets into a neat and orderly format!


Data Modeling

Once the data is prepped, our ML models are put to the test to see how accurately they identify true positives, true negatives, false positives, and false negatives.


Model Evaluation

We see what modern machine learning can do for our data by integrating key technologies and finding the most suitable models.


Launch & Maintenance

Our product passes through rigorous testing to ensure accuracy in delivering true positives and true negatives, and we continue to fine-tune it for optimal performance.

ML Frameworks & Platforms

ML Frameworks

Tensorflow offers a graphical approach to efficiently manage a variety of data visualization challenges.


ONNX unleashes the power of seamless collaboration between ML frameworks and hardware.


PyTorch enables developers to create AI applications that make the most of GPUs and CPUs.


Keras empowers developers to easily train neural networks with concise, effective code.

Spark ML

Unlock the power of data through MLLib with clustering, classification, and optimization capabilities to develop apps like never before.

ML Platforms
Google AutoML

With Google AutoML, it's never been simpler to create tailored ML models in a flash!

AWS SageMaker

Let AWS SageMaker help you cost-effectively develop machine learning models and deploy them in the cloud!

Azure ML

Azure ML equips operation teams with the tools they need to construct high-caliber ML models on Azure with certainty.


Harness the power of OpenVino to accelerate your deep learning performance in natural language processing, speech recognition, and more!

Intel DevCloud

Unlock the power of Intel AI workflows without investing in Intel hardware - the Intel DevCloud has you covered.

ML Use Cases

Marketing & Sales

Let AI & ML power your lead generation, tracking, pre-sales, and branding efforts with custom-built applications!


ML models can help you uncover the hidden data and learning needs of your EdTech customers, allowing you to serve them more effectively.


Let Artificial Intelligence help your medical staff, patients, and hospitals stay connected with custom-built mobile and web apps.

Banking & Fintech

Unlock the potential of Machine Learning to gain valuable insights into your customers' financial decisions.


With ML, you can revolutionize every corner of eCommerce, from smart search functions to after-sales customer support and beyond!

Data Science

Our data engineers can unlock the power of AI/ML to build apps that import data from multiple sources and turn it into actionable insights.

Smart Utilities

We've got AI bots that understand your voice commands and bring you back accurate electric bills and meter readings - absolutely no exceptions!

Cyber Security

The power of Machine Learning models and algorithms can be harnessed to strengthen cybersecurity and eliminate fraudulent activities.

Recruitment & HR

Let us do the hard work of automating your hiring process, so you can quickly sift through applicants and find the perfect fit!

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Alexander Christopher
Communications Director

It is always fun to work with the enthusiastic team of Business Pro Digital. First, I got my website developed by them and then got designed an extremely user-friendly mobile app. The team is always up-to-date when it comes to new technologies.

noah william
Director of Web Services

Business Pro Digital helped my business to have an outstanding digital existence. Their intervention has taken my business to a different dimension. All the team members are experienced professionals.

Christopher Ethan
Chief Learning Officer

I am impressed with the professionalism the team showed. They always deliver the project prior to the deadline.

Emma Jayden
Communications Director

They are open to feedback and improvisations. As a result, when I asked for an assembled team, they certainly valued my preference and acted accordingly.

Usman Khaljee

The QA team members of Business Pro Digital are a pro when it comes to any type of testing, be it manual testing, automation testing or API testing. The team is always up for last-minute changes too.

Charlot Liam
Chief Technology Officer

They do not impose their work process but of course, they can help you with various opinions. If you want to stick to yours, that’s completely fine but their opinions and understanding of web development are on another level. I went with the plan of Business Pro Digital and I do not at all regret my decision.

Isabella Evelyn
Managing Director

Business Pro Digital is a must when it comes to having a digital existence for any business. The websites and mobile apps that they make are enough to outstand your business from your competitors.

Benjamin Harper
Senior SEO Manager

Business Pro Digital consists of a brilliant team. The team members are quite easy to work with and the best part is, they are always available.