Testing and QA Services

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Our QA engineers have extensive expertise in every element of software testing and quality assurance.

Web App Testing

Our testers are experts in their field and use the best available tools to do thorough testing of web applications. This ensures that your products work as intended across all types of browsers and devices. We look for all possible defects, such as functionality, usability, compatibility, interface, performance, security, accessibility, etc. to guarantee that your web applications run optimally.

Mobile App Testing

At our company, we ensure that your mobile apps are compatible across platforms and devices, delivering superior performance, usability, security, and network connectivity. Our team of certified testers thoroughly examines all lines of software code to detect and eliminate any bugs, so that you can quickly and confidently roll out your products.

Localization Testing

Localization services offered by Business Pro Digital ensure your applications are tailored to the linguistic and cultural needs of your users. Our test engineers comb through your applications to identify and address any localization glitches, from incorrect UI translations to missing text and unreadable characters. This ensures your applications are accessible and user-friendly for your global audience.

Accessibility Testing

The team of accessibility testers makes sure that your digital products are compliant with the latest accessibility testing regulations. They are able to detect any issues and swiftly resolve them while ensuring that all standardized accessibility practices are effectively implemented in your regular operations.

User Experience Testing

We provide a comprehensive solution to create seamless user experiences for your customers. Our team of highly experienced UX researchers ensures customers can easily interact with your product. We use targeted research methods to find participants that match your customer profiles, gather feedback, and give recommendations to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Exploratory Testing

The experienced testing team associated with us utilizes a highly optimized process to ensure all modern applications are thoroughly explored. We thoroughly categorize defects, develop suitable charters, conduct fixed-time tests, analyze the results, and compile the outcome. Our team is well-equipped to ensure the highest standard of quality is met for all software products.

Manual Testing

Our team of highly trained professionals makes sure that the web/mobile app they create is up to the mark and meets the customer's requirements. They ensure that the code, security features, APIs, installation procedures, and other aspects are in line with the specifications. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that the app we develop is of the highest quality.

Automated Testing

Our software testing teams are experts in utilizing multiple automation testing tools to simplify and speed up the software testing process. We produce automated regression tests, develop new test cases, and create automated test scripts with the help of scalable automation suites, to ensure comprehensive application testing. Our teams have the experience and skills necessary to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Usability Testing

Our Quality Assurance professionals are here to help you make sure your app or website is ready for a million users. We provide tailored, effective strategies for mobile app usability testing, design surveys, A/B testing, and preference testing, so you can have confidence in the performance of your product. With our expertise, you can be sure that you have the right approach to ensure your app or website is successful.

Integration Testing

Our QA experts guarantee that the modules in your app are integrated and interact with each other efficiently and reliably, all while staying within the budget and timeline that you set.

Regression Testing

The regression testing services offered by Business Pro Digital guarantee that your applications remain in optimal condition even after modifications, enhancements, patches, and configuration changes. We are dedicated to providing maximum test coverage to ensure that these changes do not interfere with the performance of existing applications. With us, you can be assured of defect-free applications and a smooth functioning system.

Compatibility Testing

Looking for reliable and efficient software testing services? Our experts offer comprehensive compatibility testing to ensure the smooth functioning of your software on all devices, whether it's operating systems, databases, networks, or versions. Our stringent testing processes will help you eliminate any glitches in your software and guarantee a consistent experience for all users.

What We Test

Testing and Quality Assurance are essential activities to ensure the quality and reliability of software products


Regular website testing is important to ensure that the content on the website is functioning properly and is up-to-date.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application testing is an essential part of the development process, ensuring that applications are well-suited to their intended use and function correctly on a wide range of device types.

Web Applications

Testing web applications for a website's content is an essential part of ensuring its accuracy and usability.

Desktop Applications

Desktop application testing is an essential part of ensuring a website's functionality and performance meets the expectations of its users.


E-commerce testing is an essential part of website development, ensuring that the customer experience is seamless and secure.


Testing for SaaS/Multi-Tenant websites should be conducted regularly to ensure the security and integrity of data stored within the system.


Enterprise/Client-Server testing is an important part of website content validation, as it ensures the accuracy and integrity of system resources.

APIs/Web Services

This includes comprehensive testing of APIs and web services to ensure that they function as expected and meet customer requirements.

How We Test

In Business Pro Digital, software QA testing is conducted efficiently and systematically by following a definitive set of steps.


Test Strategy

Once our test engineers have collected the requirements, produced a test plan, and selected the appropriate tools, they ensure they are adhering to the standards of testing throughout the software development life cycle, including processes, coverage, etc.


Test Cases Design

At this juncture, we generate test cases by analyzing the SRS, the app's functionality, and its non-functional demands.


Test Execution

At this point, we ascertain the most serious glitches and deficiencies in the software and eliminate all imperfections prior to the following testing phase.


Bugs Reporting

We assess the seriousness of a bug utilizing different testing metrics, such as defects by priority and defects by severity, to comprehend what is essential to address the issues. Subsequently, a tester is designated to the task of bug-fixing and the client is sent Jira reports to confirm completion.


Retest & Test Closure

Once the testers have completed their work, the test engineer will evaluate their efforts to ensure the defect has been appropriately addressed and a test closure report is issued.

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It is always fun to work with the enthusiastic team of Business Pro Digital. First, I got my website developed by them and then got designed an extremely user-friendly mobile app. The team is always up-to-date when it comes to new technologies.

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Business Pro Digital helped my business to have an outstanding digital existence. Their intervention has taken my business to a different dimension. All the team members are experienced professionals.

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I am impressed with the professionalism the team showed. They always deliver the project prior to the deadline.

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They are open to feedback and improvisations. As a result, when I asked for an assembled team, they certainly valued my preference and acted accordingly.

Usman Khaljee

The QA team members of Business Pro Digital are a pro when it comes to any type of testing, be it manual testing, automation testing or API testing. The team is always up for last-minute changes too.

Charlot Liam
Chief Technology Officer

They do not impose their work process but of course, they can help you with various opinions. If you want to stick to yours, that’s completely fine but their opinions and understanding of web development are on another level. I went with the plan of Business Pro Digital and I do not at all regret my decision.

Isabella Evelyn
Managing Director

Business Pro Digital is a must when it comes to having a digital existence for any business. The websites and mobile apps that they make are enough to outstand your business from your competitors.

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Business Pro Digital consists of a brilliant team. The team members are quite easy to work with and the best part is, they are always available.